Why more men should dress (and be) like Sherlock Holmes (and Dr. John Watson)…

I have become quite a fan of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” in the past year and a half. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the 2009 movie had a lot to do with it. Before it came out, I only really knew of the characters from phrases, general knowledge,

And of course the great mouse detective.

I had always wanted to read the stories but I wasn’t completely inspired to pick up the collection until I saw the movie.

I love Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. I love their personalities, their attitudes, their relationship with each other and of course their style. (You knew that was coming right? I mean, this is a fashion blog)

I should probably mention that I am talking about their style from the 2009 movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes and Jude Law as John Watson (in case you have no idea what I’m talking about). I will not be talking about that deer-stalker hat (but this guy did: http://www.examiner.com/sherlock-holmes-in-national/sherlock-holmes-gets-a-new-shiny-hat-along-with-a-new-movie)

The style of men in the Victorian age is one that I hold dear to my heart. I love a man who can put on a suit every day and care about how he looks while still being a macho, action loving, problem solving, (sometimes scruffy) man.

So here are the parts of men’s fashion from the Victorian age that I love the most.


The suit is classic. You didn’t really need me to gush over Sherlock Holmes so you could figure that out. I have to say, it would be nice to see more men in suits everyday.


Or vests (as they are more commonly known as now-a-days) are one of my favorite fashion pieces for men or women. Of course the men wore (and fought over) them in the film but someone else made a big statement with her vest. Irene Adler (played by Rachel McAdams (in case you couldn’t figure that out)) was sporting one as a part of a three piece suit with riding boots. It’s one of my favorite outfits in the film.

Here is why I love vests. For women, they pull the body in and give it a nice curve and a nice shape. For men, I find that they add an element of sophistication.


I am a hat person. Always have been, always will be. What I love about the Victorian era are men in hats everyday. They wear them out and they take them off when they walk in the room. Of course this bit of fashion didn’t stop after the 1890’s. We saw it all the way up to the 70s. The thing is that it is just not done anymore. Men and women no longer pair hats with their everyday outfits. They don’t put on a hat just to walk outside anymore. I would love to see that everyday.

I know what you’re thinking… Why don’t I just start wearing a hat everyday? Well the answer to that is simple.

It would mess up my hair.

And now I have a theory: Have you noticed that throughout the decades, as women’s hair got bigger, you see less and less hats in everyday life? Aha! (That may not just be a theory that could very well be a fact)

I have no theories on why men stopped wearing hats so therefore there is no excuse.


While his friend, John Watson, and most of the other male characters in the movie are wearing everyday average long ties, Sherlock Holmes is wearing an ascot. Maybe it’s because he’s quirky, maybe it’s because he is awesome…either way… I dig the ascot. It’s a fun way to change up a suit.


I can’t explain my love for suspenders. It could be because of this image…

Or it could be because of this one…

Well that last one is an entirely different blog (coming soon, why more men should dress and be like The Doctor)

I think really it’s because I’m not a huge belt fan (I’m also not a fan-belt. Ha!(Once again, I apologize for my corny jokes but if your going to keep reading this blog you will have to get used to them))

So after all of my gushing over Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and their fashion sense, here is the point of all of this:

I would love to see the Victorian age come back (but not really for women. Trust me; I’m fine without long bustled skirts. You know me; I like to have my legs free)

What I would like to see is more men who act and dress like gentlemen. I’m so sick of creeps who come up and say “what’s your name?” instead of “Hello.”

But enough about the manners; let’s talk about the fashion and how men and women can bring it back (without looking like you have a huge ass)

We need two things to make this style come back:

First, we need classic accessories: hats, feathers, clutch purses, pocket watches, canes and pipes.

Second, we need good tailoring. Suits, vests, jackets, coats, shirts… these are things that can be tailored to fit you properly for a classic clean look.

There you go! With those two simple tips, you are well on your way to bringing Victorian fashion (and sexy) back.

Now ladies, pull up your hair and men grow mustaches! Let’s make Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proud!



Ok, I think that I should definitely mention the costume designer, Jenny Beavan. After all, she is responsible for the fashion that I just wrote about. She also worked on The Kings Speech, EverAfter, Alexander and obviously she is working on the next Sherlock Holmes movie. Clearly the woman is a genius. She may very well be my new hero. I mean look at her range! It’s impressive.

I got most of my images from screenshots of the movie. I also I got a few pictures from google.

If you are into The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and you are on twitter, follow @MyDearestWatson and @SHolmesEsq

They are a hoot and a half (that was my twitter pun)

If you’ve never read the mysteries, you can pick up a copy of the collection at most any bookstore.



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Does everybody know what time it is?

(For those of you whose brain immediately said tool time, you are now my favorites)

It’s summertime!

Summer is here and that means one thing. Swimsuits!

Ok, so no one is excited about this subject. Trust me, I’m not either. I hate buying bathing suits, especially because I’m a plus sized lady. But (and that’s a big but (ha! Plus sized joke (I can make those because I’m plus sized)))

I lost my train of thought.

I think what I was going to say was that no woman likes shopping for a bathing suit.

In case you haven’t heard, I now work in the swim/coats/women’s department at a major department store. A big part of my job is greeting the customer and asking them if they need help. In the women’s department, you get about a 50/50 range of women’s emotions. You either get someone who hates their body and think everything looks gross. Those women need the extra help. The other group are lovely (and I say that because I am apart of that group). They are not thrilled with their bodies but they put a smile on and try new fashions and trends despite their size.

I love the Women’s department.

The swim department on the other hand is difficult. I have yet to meet a woman who loves every suit they try on or who enters the department with a smile on their face. Now I can make many leave with a smile but entering is harder.

The thing about swimsuits is that it’s difficult to hide anything in them. They accentuate every flaw we have and nobody wants to highlight their flaws.

So here I am, telling you whatever tips and trends I know from being a swim suit sales girl.

Let’s talk about trends.















Maybe it’s because of the royal wedding. Maybe it’s just because it’s a great color…Its definitely one of my favorites. I love how rich this color can be and still how girly and fresh it can be.
















I don’t think that I really need to explain this color trend. It’s tropical and fun. It’s also one of the biggest color trends of the season.

Black and White














This is a classic trend every season but it’s still worth mentioning.

In the past, black and white swimsuits have been considered old lady-ish in the past. I don’t believe that that has to be the case. This classic combination of colors has been around for decades. Even Barbie rocked a suit like that.

A black and white swimsuit is classic and it should be looked at like that.

My point: IF you find a black and white bathing suit that you love, don’t stop yourself because you are afraid that it will make you look like an old lady.

















This color fits into the western theme. I think that blue is always a big color for swim because of water but I really like this shade of blue. It’s not just a stone in the desert anymore!

















I honestly don’t know where this trend came from but its here and I dig it. Oranges, browns, greens, blues and animal prints make up this trend. Try it out.

















Patterned swimsuits are in all the time but this year, the big pattern is floral. You can find them in many different colors and sizes. I prefer the smaller patterns because the bigger patterns look a little older or way too young but remember, If you find a suit with a big pattern that you love and you think you look great in it and you feel comfortable in it, go for it.

















This is a big summer trend in swim and in everyday looks. Navy blue, white, yellow, red, and stripes make up this trend. You can also find prints of anchors and little sailboats. On top of all of that, there are also rope accents. There is a lot that you can do with this trend.


















You know me, I love the girly style. Ruffles, lace, bows…I’m all over it. That is why I love this trend. You wouldn’t expect to see this all on swimsuits but IT IS THIS YEAR! YAY! Plus, skirted swimsuits are huge this year so if you don’t want to go all girly, you can try that.

Try this trend if you love being girly!

















What is swimming if not a sport? Just ask Michael Phelps.

That’s why sporty swimsuits are so important. They come in all colors but the big ones that I’ve noticed are bright; blue, red, orange, and yellow. Another important part of the trend is regular straps and racer-back as opposed to halter-top because it’s hard to be sporty with strain on your neck.


Now let’s talk about the tips. I don’t have a lot but I will
share what I know.

Tip #1: Underwire

Bathing suits with underwire exist! I know! I was shocked too!

Actually, you can get a bathing suit with a whole freakin bra built right in!

Did I blow your mind yet?

Ok, seriously, here is the tip; Underwire in a bathing suit can be done very well or horribly. I got a cheap (but cute (of course. Why would I point out that it’s cute? Hello, Have we met!?)) one piece with underwire in it thinking it would have support. It was a halter top. ‘Nuff said.

In case you didn’t comprehend that little word problem, I will break it down for you.

There were three things happening with the bathing suit; One piece, halter top, under wire.

Here’s the deal: If you’re going to do underwire, don’t do a one piece. Then you cant bring them up to where they should be (and if you don’t know who they are then you should really just close this page right now.)

When you go for a bathing suit with underwire, go for a two piece. That way you have the ability to adjust.

I would also suggest going for a swimsuit with normal straps. It would especially helpful if they were adjustable. Think about your bra. Also, if your boobs are so big that you need underwire, haltertops will cause strain.

Another thing that you should remember is your comfort and support. Remember the reason you are going for a swimsuit with underwire.

Tip #2: Mix and Match

There is a reason that most swimsuits are sold as separate
pieces and that reason is…

Wait for it because it’s gonna blow your mind…

The human body…no, the FEMALE body is a silly thing.

Every body is different. There are big woman with big boobs, small woman with small boobs, big woman with small boobs, small woman with big boobs, woman with big hips and no boobs; the list goes on and on. (And that may be the most times that I have ever used the word boobs in a sentence.)

I have noticed that women seem hesitant to mix and match brands more than sizes. I am here as a swimsuit sales person to tell you that you should never be afraid to do that. I think that a lot of women are afraid they will mess up the inventory or something.

The fact is that different designers and brands are cut in different ways SO if you find a top by one designer that fits amazingly and a set of bottoms by another designer that fits amazingly and the colors work together… GO FOR IT!

Tip #3: Make it fit

The fit of a swim suit is so important. If your suit doesn’t fit right, I promise you that everyone will know.

So here is my solution… you know, besides mixing and matching pieces and looking for proper support.


So many people don’t feel like trying them on in the store. It’s a lot of work and it feels like a big hassle but you really have to. A lot of stores won’t let you return swimsuits and so if you get one that doesn’t fit, you could very possibly be stuck with it.

Here’s my advice: Go swimsuit shopping on a day when you have a lot of energy and you are in a positive mood. If you are in a good mood and you have energy, you will have a better outlook on the styles you are trying on.

Really the fact is that you will have to try a lot on to find the perfect one so you should be prepared for the process.

A couple more tips:

If you are a very big lady, don’t wear a bikini. I’m sorry but it’s uncomfortable for everybody.

Please remember to keep your underwear on when you try on a swimsuit, hang them back up, and be nice to the sales people.

And remember, this is about you. If you find a suit that you love and you feel comfortable in it, don’t worry about what everyone else says. Go for it! You have to feel comfortable and confident.

Ok, that’s all. I got my pictures from google as usual. I tried to find the fashion-y, non skanky ones. I hope I chose the right ones.

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5 Reasons why I love the Little Black Dress

Every woman should have a little black dress.

That is one of those facts of life. It’s like the sky being blue and the grass being green. There are probably a million reasons why we should love the little black dress. I chose the top five and I share them with you now.


5.Black goes with everything and is good for every occasion

How often do you find yourself saying “I have nothing to
wear” when you are getting ready for an occasion? I know I say that all the
time. Then I find my little black dress in the back of my closet. This dress
has been worn to weddings, funerals, and even to work a couple of times. The
little black dress is so basic that it can be worn whenever you need it. I know mine has saved the day on more than one occasion.

4. They can be accessorized a million different ways to create a million different looks

I know I sound like a broken record but the fact that the
little black dress is so basic is one of the best things about it. It’s the color black. It can be paired with any other color or pattern. In fact, It is preferred (in my mind, at least) that there should be a pop of color if you are going to wear all black.

I have to wear all black to my job and I have gotten into the habit of wearing patterned or brightly colored shoes or a scarf or something with every outfit.

3. Slimming


Big surprise, Black is slimming. This is great when you are having fat days or whatever is going on in your life.

2. Flattering on everyone


Here is another point of it being so basic. Whether you are a size 00 or a 36 or young girl or an old lady or a drag queen, anyone can wear the little black dress and here’s why:

They come in all shapes, cuts, and sizes!

If you need an A-Line, there’s a little black dress for that.

If you need an empire waist, there’s a little black dress for that.

If you need it long, there’s a little black dress for that.

If you need it short, there’s a little black dress for that.

I could do this all day but I think you get my point. There’s a dress for everyone and everyone with a dress!
1. Coco Chanel basically invented them


Obviously black dresses were around before her but, she made them more popular. Coco Chanel was all about having basic pieces that everyone could afford and wear everyday with any accessories. Looking back, it’s clear that she was successful in her attempts. Now the Little Black Dress in a woman’s closet is as common as a pair of jeans in the drawer.

So thank you Coco Chanel for changing the world of fashion with everything you did.

I know that you all agree with my assessment. If you don’t have a little black dress, go get one and feel a little bit of shame that you didn’t already have one.

I’m just kidding

sort of.


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Spring 2011 Trends and Colors

Let me start this by saying I am sorry about the ridiculous delay of this update. I got a new job and have been ridiculously busy.

On that note, being in this new job has helped me prepare this blog. I am seeing trends change first hand. (Ok, maybe its more like third or fourth hand but I’m there.)

So, Spring 2011. I can’t believe it’s here already! I honestly can’t believe it. Seriously, this winter has lasted forever and its  still kind of going but TECHNICALLY March 21st was the start of spring so I am going to go for it with this blog.

Let’s talk about the trends for this spring.
Bold Prints

It’s really no surprise. Prints come around every year around this time but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to write about it.

The two big prints that are in this season are animal and floral. They both seem very obvious and year round but this year I am seeing them everywhere and in every color.


Ruffles have been in for a while. This season, I am seeing them on the collars of shirts and on skirts. One style that is very popular is on dresses. The look is similar to a wrap dress. This is similar to the very structured mini dresses from last summer.


I’m not just saying this because I am out west in Arizona right now.

I am seeing a lot of suede, leather and fringe this season. Not to mention the earth tones.

I will admit that this is not my favorite trend but it is very fun.


I’ve always been a fan of nautical fashion. I get that from my grandpa.

You will sea (lol ironic mistake/pun) a lot of stripes, boat shoes, and rope trim.

Colored Denim

You guys have no idea how excited and nervous I am for this trend.
In eighth grade, I bought a pair of red jeans that I was absolutely in love with. They were beautiful.

I am a little nervous about this trend because I know that it can be done very right or very wrong.

But even with my nerves on the trend, I am looking forward to buying a new pair of red jeans in the hope that I can once again rock this trend.


I am seeing orange all over this year especially in this peachy shade. It is such a great natural color that works with more than you would expect.

I say, if you haven’t already, give orange a try this


Green is a very springy color. It goes with the plants and
the trees and almost every person.

I believe that green is very similar to blue in the sense that it looks good on almost everyone.

There are three shades of green that I am seeing this season:

Kelly Green- Bright, springy, fun and beautiful; Army green- To go with that military trend; And Mint Green- A subtle, almost pastel shade that is so
classic for this season

A shade for everyone and everyone with a shade!



Like I said, blue is a color that looks great on almost everyone. Once again, there are a couple of different shades that are very popular this season.

Sky Blue- Lets face it, we love pastels in spring and sky blue is no exception; Cerulean- This bright shade of blue is fantastic for the spring. It would great with the Kelly green we talked about earlier; (And because there is no better name for it) Basic Blue- The primary colors are big right now.


I love this trend and you all know why. It is my favorite color!

I love yellow! It’s so bright and shiny and happy. If you want to know more about yellow, go back and check this out: https://dressforms.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/yellow/

Yellow is a great color for spring but it can be hard to wear. Luckily there are a lot of different shades that you can try!

Try a darker shade if you have a fairer skin tone.

Brighter shades are great if you are tan.

A buttery light shade is good if you have darker skin.


Since I don’t wear very much white myself, I thought I would ask around for some thoughts on the trend.

My Grandma said that white always makes her think of innocence and purity. She thinks of brides. She also said that in the south, many women dress in all white when they are sporting their Sunday’s best.


My sister said that the color white made her think of the innocence of babies.

After talking to them on the subject, I had a thought. White
has always meant innocence and purity. Now, it is being used in a sexier way. Look
at Marilyn Monroe.











Here is my point: White can be used in many different ways.
Whether you want to look proper and elegant or sexy and fun, White is a great


(It is also great if you want a classic basic look)


So there are the great trends for this spring. I suggest you
all try something new this year and remember that if you like it and are
comfortable in it, than rock it out.


I just want you all to know that it took me like 3 days to post this blog so i hope you enjoyed it!


Thank you instyle for pointing me in the right direction,
madisonplus.com for the awesome color collages, and google for the rest of the

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The Oscars!

It’s finally here! My Oscars Blog! I was so excited I put on a ball gown!

Ok, not really. But I did get up early on my day off to re-watch the red carpet coverage for you. So, you’re welcome.

So my prediction came true. These actors got themselves together and rocked the red carpet. Let’s talk about a few in particular.


Natalie Portman

So first there was the Golden Globes and the Viktor and Rolf dress with the rose.

Then there was the SAG awards and the simple white Azzaro gown.

This week, she went with a Purple Rodarte gown. I thought this was a great choice for the pregnant star. Even though she did look classy and beautiful, I do believe that she could have gone in another direction.

I remember Catherine Zeta Jones in 2003 looking ridiculously pregnant and ridiculously glamorous. I feel like Natalie Portman could have done so much more. I mean, it is the Oscars for god sake!


Helena Bonham Carter

Honestly, this has become my favorite part of my award show blogs. I think that maybe I should start checking out what she is wearing every week.

Anyway, let’s start with the Golden Globes. She looked like her closet threw-up on her. Her shoes didn’t even match!

Then there were the SAG awards where she was sporting a black and white Marc Jacobs tea length gown.

This week was slightly indescribable. When you first look at what she wore, you probably think that it is awful. I thought the same thing after I saw it too but then I heard her talk about it.


Her dress was designed by costume designer Coleen Atwood. She said that she wanted to wear something that celebrates the movies since that is what the Oscars are all about. I can respect that especially since I have wanted to become a costume designer for a very long time. On the bright side, her hair looked good, her shoes matched and her husband, who normally looks like his finger has been shoved in a light socket, actually looked pretty nice.


Ok so now I would like to talk about some of the really good dresses and some of the really bad dresses.


We should start with the bad.




Sharon Stone

This dress has been compared to Cruella De Vil. This gown would have been so much better if it wasn’t for the explosion of feathers on her shoulder.


Scarlett Johansson

I don’t even know what to say about this Dolce and Gabbana gown except for I hate it. I really just feel like she looks like a mess.


Florence Welch

This Valentino gown was a little too “Little House on the Prairie” for me. Not to mention, the color was so light that I could hardly see it on my computer screen (or her).


Nicole Kidman

I feel like I see this look on Nicole Kidman a lot.


I thought that this John Galliano gown was overly structured and the top looked like wheat.


Marisa Tomei

There’s not much to say about this Charles James gown because I feel like it was all wrong. The cut was completely un-flattering and I did not like that color on her.


Melissa Leo

On the red carpet, she said that this dress was “built” for her. Think about that when you look at it.


I know that lace is a big trend right now but you should all make a note that this is not the kind of lace that is trendy. It looks like her dress is made out of a doily.




Gwyneth Paltrow

I love Calvin Klein this award show season.


This dress looked like it was dripping off of her. I love that this dress was so simple and still so incredible.


Jennifer Lawrence

She rocked this simple but beautiful red Calvin Klein gown with no jewelry


I don’t know where this girl came from but I hope she will be on more red carpets next year.


Sandra Bullock

This Vera Wang gown is perfectly structured and made her look strong and beautiful (which really is perfect for her)


Mandy Moore

This was another gown that I had to stare at for a while before I fell in love with it.


The Monique Lhuillier gown gave the illusion that her body was covered in crystals. It’s not often that a gown that is made to look like that… actually looks like that.


Reese Witherspoon


I love love love this dress! The Armani gown was so classic and classy and fantastic. It looked like a mix between a tuxedo, Chanel, an Julia Robert’s Valentino dress from the 2001 Oscars. (In case you were wondering, those are all good things.)

Hailee Steinfeld

This adorable fourteen year old has done an amazing job this awards season staying true to her age and this gown continued with that trend. I think my favorite part was her simple accessories.


So here is the deal with this blog, I wasn’t really blown away by any of the gowns this year and I didn’t really hate any of them. It took me a long time and a lot of staring at dresses to come to these 12.


So now I want to know which dresses you loved and which ones you hated. Maybe I missed something.


And now for my speech…


I’d like to thank E! for giving me full coverage of the red carpet.


I’d like to thank google, justjared, slate.com, and starandstyle.com for the pictures.


And finally, I’d like to thank my readers.


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Ladies, I have been enlightened.


Today I bought my first pair of jeggings. As you know, the idea of denim leggings weirded me out but then I was told about the proper way to buy jeggings. Therefore, I bring you these rules courtesy of my good friend Age.

1. Only buy the kind with the button-fly: When you get the ones with the elastic waist, they are mom jeans.

I will say, however, as long as you have your butt covered, it doesnt matter. The main reason I dont like the elastic waist is because it reminds me of mom jeans and sweat pants.


2. I am standing by my cover-your-butt-leggings rule: Despite the fact that they look like jeans, they are still leggings. Especially if you get the kind that are more cotton than leggings. (or the kinds with the elastic waist or with no pockets) I will however alter the rule a little bit. You dont have to completly cover your but, Just cover at least one third to a half of it.


3. DON’T BUY THE PAJAMA JEANS! They don’t count as jeggings. Don’t even try.




There you go. I hope it helps.

Remember, if I can do it, you can do it (unless you are Conan O’Brien…Lets hope he never puts on those jeggings again.)

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The SAG Awards

Its awards season so you know this is another red carpet blog. Look at me! I’m finishing a red carpet blog the day after it happens! (Well, I wrote most of it the day after it happened so that’s close enough) I’m getting better at this before the Oscars and it looks like I’m not the only one.


This week, we are trying something different because it was hard for me to find worst dressed candidates and the trends on the carpet were the same as last week.


Instead, I thought I would just talk about some of the gowns that I really liked.


Mila Kunis


I am in love with the dress that Mila Kunis wore. This red, black, and white Alexander McQueen gown was beautiful with a giant floral print all over. This dress was a big change from the dress she wore at the Golden Globes. I thought she went with a more laid back look this time around.

Natalie Portman

Remember the Golden Globes? Remember the rose? Well, she did much better this time. She showed off her baby bump in a white Azzaro gown. This was definitely an improvement from her Viktor and Rolf gown two weeks ago.


Tina Fey

I just have to say wow. Tina Fey rarely wears anything like this. She rocked a red Oscar de la Renta gown. Although she always looks beautiful, she looked especially stunning at this particular event. 


Julia Stiles

The first time I looked at this gown, I thought it was black and white but it was actually dark blue and white. I love the way that the colors blend together on this Monique Lhuillier gown.


Dianna Agron

How could you go wrong with vintage Chanel? This navy blue tea length gown looked classic and elegant on the “Glee” star. It also combined two of the biggest trends on the red carpet, bows and sequins.


Julie Bowen

I have loved Julie Bowen ever since she was Carol Vessey on the show Ed. That has nothing to do with what I’m about to say about her outfit, I just thought I’d share.


I LOVE that she wore pants to this event. This Catherine Malandrino was elegant and classy.


Sofia Vergara

I love (almost) everything about this dress. The front of this bright blue Roberto Cavalli gown looks almost braided on the front. The dress hugged her curves perfectly. She looked great.


Angela Kinsey

You know me; I always like to include someone who you wouldn’t expect to see on a list like this. That’s one of the reasons why I included Angela Kinsey.


The other reason is because I loved this look. Normally I’m not a fan of the one shoulder look but it looked great on her. The forties inspired black Jovani Couture gown looked beautiful on the “Office” star.


Rosario Dawson

I’m a sucker for all things yellow. That’s probably why I love this yellow J. Mendel Grecian style gown. It’s very simple and still very pretty. That’s what makes it so great.


Mindy Kaling

I love this Grecian look. It looks especially great on Mindy Kaling. This white Tadashi Shojis Grecian gown looks great on this stylish and hilarious “Office” writer and star.


I’m going to give a most improved award (yeah, I can do that) to…


Helena Bonham Carter!


I know, you are shocked, right? When we last saw Helena, she looked as if she had just rolled out of a dumpster. Her hair was a mess, her dress was a mess, and her shoes didn’t match. This time around, at the very least, she matched.

She walked the red carpet in a tea-length black and white Marc Jacobs gown. The top was studded with pearls and the bottom was covered in ruffles. I will admit, it is not the greatest dress but it was definitely an improvement.


The first look gave me the impression that she was trying very hard not to care. I think that the second time around, she took this a little more seriously.


There were a lot of improvements (fashion wise) at the SAG awards. At this rate, everyone will look fantastic by the Oscars. 

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