12 things I can’t live without in my wardrobe

I’ve been away for a while. Things got kind of crazy. I don’t really want to talk about it. All you need to know is that I became too busy to write but don’t worry, I’m back and I don’t plan on letting that happen again.

So let’s just dive in.

It took some time to decide on what to write about on my first blog back. I felt like I owed you something so I am giving you a free peek into my life… ok, well not my life but my wardrobe… which might as well be my life.

Skinny Jeans

Being a plus sized girl, I was always really afraid to wear skinny jeans but then one day something just clicked. I bought my first pair of skinny jeans at some point in college and I never looked back.

Now don’t be mistaken, I’m not talking about jeggings. I’m talking about real skinny jeans.

I love the way they fit. I hate when I wear jeans and they stretch out and my knees get all baggy. My skinny jeans don’t do that.

I’m going to let you in on my secret: Torrid has the best skinny jeans for plus sized ladies that I have yet to find. They fit perfectly to show off my curves.

Check out their ad campaign for this year


I love a good dress because it’s something simple and easy to throw on in any season for any activity or occasion.

I work in retail full-time and I have to wear all black. I have found that my favorite thing to wear on the job is dresses. A black dress is classic and easy to change-up with accessories. Plus it’s easy throw on and work in for eight hours… and it’s a comfortable way to stay cool in the summer.

I also love a casual jersey dress or sweater dress for normal everyday life; Shopping, hanging out, going to dinner, anything. I’m always more comfortable in a dress.


For every dress there is a pair of leggings. What can I say, They make me feel more comfortable. I also wear them with a skirt and boots instead of tights because I run around a lot and I don’t always like the way tights feel.

I buy mine at target.

But you should remember this: LEGGINGS ARE NEVER PANTS


I love scarves for several reasons.

First, they keep you warm. Duh.

Second, like I said before, I have to wear all black to my job so a scarf is a great way to add color.

Third, I’m allergic to metals so scarves are a great accessory for me.

Fourth, there are so many awesome patterns and colors to choose from. My sister just bought me a scarf covered with mustaches and I’m in love with it.

Tank Tops

Let me state the obvious, tank tops are great for layering.

There’s not much to be said about that. I layer pretty much all of my outfits so I wear a tank top every day.

My favorite are the tank tops from American Rag at Macy*s. They fit really well and hang beautifully and best of all, they come in a ton of colors and they have them in from small to 3x.

Ankle Socks

This seems like it’s obvious. Everyone wears socks.

I am making a point to say ankle socks. I like them because… Well I don’t really know why. They are cheap and I buy a lot of them and since I keep buying the same brand, I mix and match them every day. I’m cool like that.

I buy mine from target.

Long Sweaters

I’m sure this isn’t something that I can’t live without but it’s definitely something I love. I have a great black one that I found on a clearance rack. It’s my go to for work on most days.

I also have one that’s really comfortable that I’ve worn about 20 times since I got it two months ago. It’s an awesome way to stay comfy when I’m going out.

Tee Shirts

Much like the tank tops and the socks, I don’t have a lot to say about this, just that its something that I couldn’t live without.

On my off days from work, you’ll usually find me in a tee-shirt. My favorite ones are the solid colored ones (because they are easy to layer and look great with everything) or the really soft ones.

A great hoodie

Hoodies are tough because they can be difficult to keep in good condition and they are hard to keep stylish.

As far as condition goes, my suggestion is wash in cold and hang it to dry. It will keep the fleece from getting matted.

With style, I’ll tell you what I tell all of my customers. It doesn’t really matter what you are wearing or what other people think as long as you are happy and confident in it. That’s all that matters.

I got my favorite hoodie from the men’s half of Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply. Its big and soft but still flattering (somehow because it’s about a size and a half too big) and it has a simple print so it’s not too crazy.


Now let’s talk about shoes


In the winter, I can’t get enough of my boots. I don’t like having cold ankles. They make me sad.

So I turn to my boots. For my birthday I splurged on a gorgeous pair of brown leather riding boots. I wear them as much as possible.

I also love a great pair of fur-lined boots… those are usually my comfy choice.

Ballet flats

Since boots season is (really only supposed to be) fall and winter, I need something for the rest of the year. Much like scarves, Ballet flats are my way of adding color, patterns, and general pizzazz to my boring everyday black outfits.


There is nothing in this world like a pair of dirty, beat up converse sneakers. I look forward to the day that I can have a pair in every color. For now, I try to choose a color that will brighten up my wardrobe and still stay neutral enough to pair with everything I own.

I have a purple pair.


So that’s my style in a nutshell. When its written down like this, it seems kind of boring but when you put it together, I promise it’s not.

Okay, I don’t really promise.

You be the judge. Let me know if it’s totally boring. Or don’t. You should probably remember what thumper’s mama told him:


I’m really glad to be back. I hope that I can keep up with it better this time!



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3 responses to “12 things I can’t live without in my wardrobe

  1. Best Friend

    Okay here goes, I NEVER wear T shirts, or LONG sweaters, or TANK tops or converse shoes, or furry boots, or even leather boots for that matter, it’s RARE if you see me in a sweat shirt, I don’t wear leggings, or skinny jeans, and even funnier, rarely a dress. BUT, don’t faint, I do wear scarves, and ballet flats, so look out for a funny looking woman walking around ha ha.

    • Christine Perkins

      Well thats ok. This was by no means a list of things that should be in everyone’s closets. Everyone has their own style and i was sharing mine. Yours is great too.

      I will also point out that the tank tops and the tee shirts and long sweaters are all used for layering. Thats what makes up the majority of my wardrobe. Light layers that i can wear year round.

  2. Great blog and great tips, thanks much!

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