Menswear for Women

I have to start this by apologizing for my absence lately. It has been way too long. I got a little promotion over the summer and my whole life has surrounded around working.

BUT I made a new year’s resolution to write more and I am going to try to post once a week.

How about I make it up to you with a blog themed for my new job; let’s talk about menswear for women.

You don’t have to get crazy. I’m not talking about doing drag;

I’m just talking about getting a little inspiration from the fellas.

We are going look at two ways to go about this trend: The first is looking at menswear inspired pieces and the other way is looking at some actual menswear that you can transfer into your wardrobe.


Let’s start with something obvious and basic menswear inspired pieces:

Boyfriend Jacket

This particular piece has been around for a couple of years now and it’s definitely one of my favorites because you can do a lot of different things with it. I have three favorite looks with the boyfriend jacket.

The first is the sexy look.

Try pairing the jacket with a short shift dress and a pair of heels.

The second is the cute look.

Try pairing the jacket with a sun dress and flats.

The third is the casual look.

Try the jacket with jeans and a tank top. I like this look with sneakers or flats.


I know what you’re thinking; that’s a fabric and men don’t own a fabric and you are right but it’s about what the tweed represents: Suits and tailoring and when I think suits and tailoring I think of men… mainly Don Draper and Barney Stinson.

With tweed you can go two different ways; you can do full on Chanel with the full suit.

Or you can do accents; tweed shoes, tweed bag, or you could go with my favorite: tweed headband.


I won’t lie to you because I never do; I have always thought that loafers were boring. They remind me of Danny Tanner.

However, the thing that they’ve done with loafers changes everything. Now you can get them flat or with heels and in different colors. You can pair them with jeans as casual flats or with dress pants or a suit for a great wear to work look.


There are some really great unisex styles for sunglasses. My two favorites are aviators and the classic raybans. You can steal them from any man in your life OR you can go and get them for yourself.


Here’s a list of items that you can steal from the closet of any of the men in your life.

Belted flannel shirts

Flannel shirts are popular right now and they aren’t hard to find for people of all ages but I have always believed that it is pointless to spend money if you don’t have to so here is what you do:

  1. Steal a flannel shirt from your boyfriend or husband or dad or brother or friend. Make sure it fits.
  2. Put it on with skinny jeans and a belt. You can move the belt up or down to give your body the shape you want. (I gave two examples in the pictures)
  3. Add really any shoes you want.
  4. Done! Wow, that was easy!


Who hasn’t stolen a tee-shirt from a guy before? Seriously.

I mean, tee shirts are generally unisex and I guess that’s the point really.

Here are my tips when choosing a men’s tee shirt: go for something fitted and avoid the crude shirts.


Men tend to have the basic pieces that women don’t always have. For example, I was having a very difficult time finding a sweater vest, but then I found some in the men’s department.

They may not all be the best for women, they definitely aren’t cut the same as women’s sweaters, but they will give you that preppy look that you want.

Dress Shirts

And now to top it off, a short video on some fun things you can do with a men’s dress shirt. I found this video here:

I hope that made up for the long absence. I will be back next week!


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