Does everybody know what time it is?

(For those of you whose brain immediately said tool time, you are now my favorites)

It’s summertime!

Summer is here and that means one thing. Swimsuits!

Ok, so no one is excited about this subject. Trust me, I’m not either. I hate buying bathing suits, especially because I’m a plus sized lady. But (and that’s a big but (ha! Plus sized joke (I can make those because I’m plus sized)))

I lost my train of thought.

I think what I was going to say was that no woman likes shopping for a bathing suit.

In case you haven’t heard, I now work in the swim/coats/women’s department at a major department store. A big part of my job is greeting the customer and asking them if they need help. In the women’s department, you get about a 50/50 range of women’s emotions. You either get someone who hates their body and think everything looks gross. Those women need the extra help. The other group are lovely (and I say that because I am apart of that group). They are not thrilled with their bodies but they put a smile on and try new fashions and trends despite their size.

I love the Women’s department.

The swim department on the other hand is difficult. I have yet to meet a woman who loves every suit they try on or who enters the department with a smile on their face. Now I can make many leave with a smile but entering is harder.

The thing about swimsuits is that it’s difficult to hide anything in them. They accentuate every flaw we have and nobody wants to highlight their flaws.

So here I am, telling you whatever tips and trends I know from being a swim suit sales girl.

Let’s talk about trends.















Maybe it’s because of the royal wedding. Maybe it’s just because it’s a great color…Its definitely one of my favorites. I love how rich this color can be and still how girly and fresh it can be.
















I don’t think that I really need to explain this color trend. It’s tropical and fun. It’s also one of the biggest color trends of the season.

Black and White














This is a classic trend every season but it’s still worth mentioning.

In the past, black and white swimsuits have been considered old lady-ish in the past. I don’t believe that that has to be the case. This classic combination of colors has been around for decades. Even Barbie rocked a suit like that.

A black and white swimsuit is classic and it should be looked at like that.

My point: IF you find a black and white bathing suit that you love, don’t stop yourself because you are afraid that it will make you look like an old lady.

















This color fits into the western theme. I think that blue is always a big color for swim because of water but I really like this shade of blue. It’s not just a stone in the desert anymore!

















I honestly don’t know where this trend came from but its here and I dig it. Oranges, browns, greens, blues and animal prints make up this trend. Try it out.

















Patterned swimsuits are in all the time but this year, the big pattern is floral. You can find them in many different colors and sizes. I prefer the smaller patterns because the bigger patterns look a little older or way too young but remember, If you find a suit with a big pattern that you love and you think you look great in it and you feel comfortable in it, go for it.

















This is a big summer trend in swim and in everyday looks. Navy blue, white, yellow, red, and stripes make up this trend. You can also find prints of anchors and little sailboats. On top of all of that, there are also rope accents. There is a lot that you can do with this trend.


















You know me, I love the girly style. Ruffles, lace, bows…I’m all over it. That is why I love this trend. You wouldn’t expect to see this all on swimsuits but IT IS THIS YEAR! YAY! Plus, skirted swimsuits are huge this year so if you don’t want to go all girly, you can try that.

Try this trend if you love being girly!

















What is swimming if not a sport? Just ask Michael Phelps.

That’s why sporty swimsuits are so important. They come in all colors but the big ones that I’ve noticed are bright; blue, red, orange, and yellow. Another important part of the trend is regular straps and racer-back as opposed to halter-top because it’s hard to be sporty with strain on your neck.


Now let’s talk about the tips. I don’t have a lot but I will
share what I know.

Tip #1: Underwire

Bathing suits with underwire exist! I know! I was shocked too!

Actually, you can get a bathing suit with a whole freakin bra built right in!

Did I blow your mind yet?

Ok, seriously, here is the tip; Underwire in a bathing suit can be done very well or horribly. I got a cheap (but cute (of course. Why would I point out that it’s cute? Hello, Have we met!?)) one piece with underwire in it thinking it would have support. It was a halter top. ‘Nuff said.

In case you didn’t comprehend that little word problem, I will break it down for you.

There were three things happening with the bathing suit; One piece, halter top, under wire.

Here’s the deal: If you’re going to do underwire, don’t do a one piece. Then you cant bring them up to where they should be (and if you don’t know who they are then you should really just close this page right now.)

When you go for a bathing suit with underwire, go for a two piece. That way you have the ability to adjust.

I would also suggest going for a swimsuit with normal straps. It would especially helpful if they were adjustable. Think about your bra. Also, if your boobs are so big that you need underwire, haltertops will cause strain.

Another thing that you should remember is your comfort and support. Remember the reason you are going for a swimsuit with underwire.

Tip #2: Mix and Match

There is a reason that most swimsuits are sold as separate
pieces and that reason is…

Wait for it because it’s gonna blow your mind…

The human body…no, the FEMALE body is a silly thing.

Every body is different. There are big woman with big boobs, small woman with small boobs, big woman with small boobs, small woman with big boobs, woman with big hips and no boobs; the list goes on and on. (And that may be the most times that I have ever used the word boobs in a sentence.)

I have noticed that women seem hesitant to mix and match brands more than sizes. I am here as a swimsuit sales person to tell you that you should never be afraid to do that. I think that a lot of women are afraid they will mess up the inventory or something.

The fact is that different designers and brands are cut in different ways SO if you find a top by one designer that fits amazingly and a set of bottoms by another designer that fits amazingly and the colors work together… GO FOR IT!

Tip #3: Make it fit

The fit of a swim suit is so important. If your suit doesn’t fit right, I promise you that everyone will know.

So here is my solution… you know, besides mixing and matching pieces and looking for proper support.


So many people don’t feel like trying them on in the store. It’s a lot of work and it feels like a big hassle but you really have to. A lot of stores won’t let you return swimsuits and so if you get one that doesn’t fit, you could very possibly be stuck with it.

Here’s my advice: Go swimsuit shopping on a day when you have a lot of energy and you are in a positive mood. If you are in a good mood and you have energy, you will have a better outlook on the styles you are trying on.

Really the fact is that you will have to try a lot on to find the perfect one so you should be prepared for the process.

A couple more tips:

If you are a very big lady, don’t wear a bikini. I’m sorry but it’s uncomfortable for everybody.

Please remember to keep your underwear on when you try on a swimsuit, hang them back up, and be nice to the sales people.

And remember, this is about you. If you find a suit that you love and you feel comfortable in it, don’t worry about what everyone else says. Go for it! You have to feel comfortable and confident.

Ok, that’s all. I got my pictures from google as usual. I tried to find the fashion-y, non skanky ones. I hope I chose the right ones.


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