Spring 2011 Trends and Colors

Let me start this by saying I am sorry about the ridiculous delay of this update. I got a new job and have been ridiculously busy.

On that note, being in this new job has helped me prepare this blog. I am seeing trends change first hand. (Ok, maybe its more like third or fourth hand but I’m there.)

So, Spring 2011. I can’t believe it’s here already! I honestly can’t believe it. Seriously, this winter has lasted forever and its  still kind of going but TECHNICALLY March 21st was the start of spring so I am going to go for it with this blog.

Let’s talk about the trends for this spring.
Bold Prints

It’s really no surprise. Prints come around every year around this time but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to write about it.

The two big prints that are in this season are animal and floral. They both seem very obvious and year round but this year I am seeing them everywhere and in every color.


Ruffles have been in for a while. This season, I am seeing them on the collars of shirts and on skirts. One style that is very popular is on dresses. The look is similar to a wrap dress. This is similar to the very structured mini dresses from last summer.


I’m not just saying this because I am out west in Arizona right now.

I am seeing a lot of suede, leather and fringe this season. Not to mention the earth tones.

I will admit that this is not my favorite trend but it is very fun.


I’ve always been a fan of nautical fashion. I get that from my grandpa.

You will sea (lol ironic mistake/pun) a lot of stripes, boat shoes, and rope trim.

Colored Denim

You guys have no idea how excited and nervous I am for this trend.
In eighth grade, I bought a pair of red jeans that I was absolutely in love with. They were beautiful.

I am a little nervous about this trend because I know that it can be done very right or very wrong.

But even with my nerves on the trend, I am looking forward to buying a new pair of red jeans in the hope that I can once again rock this trend.


I am seeing orange all over this year especially in this peachy shade. It is such a great natural color that works with more than you would expect.

I say, if you haven’t already, give orange a try this


Green is a very springy color. It goes with the plants and
the trees and almost every person.

I believe that green is very similar to blue in the sense that it looks good on almost everyone.

There are three shades of green that I am seeing this season:

Kelly Green- Bright, springy, fun and beautiful; Army green- To go with that military trend; And Mint Green- A subtle, almost pastel shade that is so
classic for this season

A shade for everyone and everyone with a shade!



Like I said, blue is a color that looks great on almost everyone. Once again, there are a couple of different shades that are very popular this season.

Sky Blue- Lets face it, we love pastels in spring and sky blue is no exception; Cerulean- This bright shade of blue is fantastic for the spring. It would great with the Kelly green we talked about earlier; (And because there is no better name for it) Basic Blue- The primary colors are big right now.


I love this trend and you all know why. It is my favorite color!

I love yellow! It’s so bright and shiny and happy. If you want to know more about yellow, go back and check this out: https://dressforms.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/yellow/

Yellow is a great color for spring but it can be hard to wear. Luckily there are a lot of different shades that you can try!

Try a darker shade if you have a fairer skin tone.

Brighter shades are great if you are tan.

A buttery light shade is good if you have darker skin.


Since I don’t wear very much white myself, I thought I would ask around for some thoughts on the trend.

My Grandma said that white always makes her think of innocence and purity. She thinks of brides. She also said that in the south, many women dress in all white when they are sporting their Sunday’s best.


My sister said that the color white made her think of the innocence of babies.

After talking to them on the subject, I had a thought. White
has always meant innocence and purity. Now, it is being used in a sexier way. Look
at Marilyn Monroe.











Here is my point: White can be used in many different ways.
Whether you want to look proper and elegant or sexy and fun, White is a great


(It is also great if you want a classic basic look)


So there are the great trends for this spring. I suggest you
all try something new this year and remember that if you like it and are
comfortable in it, than rock it out.


I just want you all to know that it took me like 3 days to post this blog so i hope you enjoyed it!


Thank you instyle for pointing me in the right direction,
madisonplus.com for the awesome color collages, and google for the rest of the


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