The Oscars!

It’s finally here! My Oscars Blog! I was so excited I put on a ball gown!

Ok, not really. But I did get up early on my day off to re-watch the red carpet coverage for you. So, you’re welcome.

So my prediction came true. These actors got themselves together and rocked the red carpet. Let’s talk about a few in particular.


Natalie Portman

So first there was the Golden Globes and the Viktor and Rolf dress with the rose.

Then there was the SAG awards and the simple white Azzaro gown.

This week, she went with a Purple Rodarte gown. I thought this was a great choice for the pregnant star. Even though she did look classy and beautiful, I do believe that she could have gone in another direction.

I remember Catherine Zeta Jones in 2003 looking ridiculously pregnant and ridiculously glamorous. I feel like Natalie Portman could have done so much more. I mean, it is the Oscars for god sake!


Helena Bonham Carter

Honestly, this has become my favorite part of my award show blogs. I think that maybe I should start checking out what she is wearing every week.

Anyway, let’s start with the Golden Globes. She looked like her closet threw-up on her. Her shoes didn’t even match!

Then there were the SAG awards where she was sporting a black and white Marc Jacobs tea length gown.

This week was slightly indescribable. When you first look at what she wore, you probably think that it is awful. I thought the same thing after I saw it too but then I heard her talk about it.


Her dress was designed by costume designer Coleen Atwood. She said that she wanted to wear something that celebrates the movies since that is what the Oscars are all about. I can respect that especially since I have wanted to become a costume designer for a very long time. On the bright side, her hair looked good, her shoes matched and her husband, who normally looks like his finger has been shoved in a light socket, actually looked pretty nice.


Ok so now I would like to talk about some of the really good dresses and some of the really bad dresses.


We should start with the bad.




Sharon Stone

This dress has been compared to Cruella De Vil. This gown would have been so much better if it wasn’t for the explosion of feathers on her shoulder.


Scarlett Johansson

I don’t even know what to say about this Dolce and Gabbana gown except for I hate it. I really just feel like she looks like a mess.


Florence Welch

This Valentino gown was a little too “Little House on the Prairie” for me. Not to mention, the color was so light that I could hardly see it on my computer screen (or her).


Nicole Kidman

I feel like I see this look on Nicole Kidman a lot.


I thought that this John Galliano gown was overly structured and the top looked like wheat.


Marisa Tomei

There’s not much to say about this Charles James gown because I feel like it was all wrong. The cut was completely un-flattering and I did not like that color on her.


Melissa Leo

On the red carpet, she said that this dress was “built” for her. Think about that when you look at it.


I know that lace is a big trend right now but you should all make a note that this is not the kind of lace that is trendy. It looks like her dress is made out of a doily.




Gwyneth Paltrow

I love Calvin Klein this award show season.


This dress looked like it was dripping off of her. I love that this dress was so simple and still so incredible.


Jennifer Lawrence

She rocked this simple but beautiful red Calvin Klein gown with no jewelry


I don’t know where this girl came from but I hope she will be on more red carpets next year.


Sandra Bullock

This Vera Wang gown is perfectly structured and made her look strong and beautiful (which really is perfect for her)


Mandy Moore

This was another gown that I had to stare at for a while before I fell in love with it.


The Monique Lhuillier gown gave the illusion that her body was covered in crystals. It’s not often that a gown that is made to look like that… actually looks like that.


Reese Witherspoon


I love love love this dress! The Armani gown was so classic and classy and fantastic. It looked like a mix between a tuxedo, Chanel, an Julia Robert’s Valentino dress from the 2001 Oscars. (In case you were wondering, those are all good things.)

Hailee Steinfeld

This adorable fourteen year old has done an amazing job this awards season staying true to her age and this gown continued with that trend. I think my favorite part was her simple accessories.


So here is the deal with this blog, I wasn’t really blown away by any of the gowns this year and I didn’t really hate any of them. It took me a long time and a lot of staring at dresses to come to these 12.


So now I want to know which dresses you loved and which ones you hated. Maybe I missed something.


And now for my speech…


I’d like to thank E! for giving me full coverage of the red carpet.


I’d like to thank google, justjared,, and for the pictures.


And finally, I’d like to thank my readers.



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