Ladies, I have been enlightened.


Today I bought my first pair of jeggings. As you know, the idea of denim leggings weirded me out but then I was told about the proper way to buy jeggings. Therefore, I bring you these rules courtesy of my good friend Age.

1. Only buy the kind with the button-fly: When you get the ones with the elastic waist, they are mom jeans.

I will say, however, as long as you have your butt covered, it doesnt matter. The main reason I dont like the elastic waist is because it reminds me of mom jeans and sweat pants.

2. I am standing by my cover-your-butt-leggings rule: Despite the fact that they look like jeans, they are still leggings. Especially if you get the kind that are more cotton than leggings. (or the kinds with the elastic waist or with no pockets) I will however alter the rule a little bit. You dont have to completly cover your but, Just cover at least one third to a half of it.


3. DON’T BUY THE PAJAMA JEANS! They don’t count as jeggings. Don’t even try.


There you go. I hope it helps.

Remember, if I can do it, you can do it (unless you are Conan O’Brien…Lets hope he never puts on those jeggings again.)


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