Mad Men

Well, it has been about a month and a half since the fourth season of Mad Men and I must say I miss it terribly. I put the DVDs on my Christmas list and they are reposting the seasons starting from the beginning on demand but that’s not enough. I’ve decided that I should pay homage to the show I love so much.

Oh, Mad Men! What more could a girl ask for; the dramatic stories, the funny lines, the scandalous 60’s happenings, and the fashion… Oh the fashion!

That may have been where I fell in love with the show. I was a late fan of the show. Before it started in 2007, I saw a little behind the scenes thing about it where they talked about the costumes. There was an interview with Christina Hendricks where she was talking about the fact that they had to wear the undergarments from the 60’s to be really authentic. That was when I decided that I would really like the show. 2 years later, I started watching and fell in love. So, I think that the best way to talk about this character by character. We will start with the ladies…


Joan is probably my favorite character. In fact, I was her for Halloween this year.

Not only does she make me feel proud to be a curvy girl and play the accordion,

she also has some of the best stories and outfits. Here are a few examples:

(also known as the Roger dress): According to, the dress was given its nickname because she first wore it when the viewers found out about her affair with Roger and then later when he called it off.

This is also Christina Hendricks’s favorite dress that Joan wears and the dress that her Barbie is wearing

It’s also the dress that I copied for my Halloween costume (in case you didn’t notice).

(worn in season 3, episode 6): This dress is gorgeous. I kind of wish I would have copied this one instead, of the other. I love this look on her because the green looks amazing with her red hair.

This was also the episode where Joan left Sterling Cooper and one of the secretaries ran over a man’s foot with a lawn mower. Sadly, by the end of the episode the dress was covered with blood.

(first seen in episode 3 of season 1): This dress is very basic but fits her amazingly. I like this look because it is playful. The bright color is young and fun. On top of it all, she is wearing her hair down instead of her usual up-do. We see her wearing this dress when she is discussing and giggling over “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” which according to is a 1928 novel that was banned for its explicit sex scenes and four-letter words.



Betty might just be the best dressed housewife on television and she is someone who a lot of people (myself included) love to hate.

Sure, she has every right to be pissed at Don, after all, he did cheat on her like a thousand times but still, she is a huge bitch. She blames everything on him and she is so mean to her children.

Anyway, that’s not what we are here to discuss. Let’s talk about her clothes. Most of the time, she wears poufy skirts, shirt dresses, and cardigans. I want to look at some of her more obscure looks.


(Season 3, episode 3): The image of Betty in the dress next to Don in his suit has been compared to the bride and groom on the top of a wedding cake and I agree. They looked like the perfect couple in this episode despite their problems and recent separation (which was recent at the time of the episode, I don’t mean their divorce in the current storyline). She is also very pregnant in this episode which I think adds to the whole image. 

(Season 3, episode 7): Ok, so this isn’t that obscure for the time but it is one of my favorite Betty looks. This is one of those outfits that is all about the accessories because the dress is very basic. She pairs the floral dress with all white accessories which makes the look very summer-y.

(Season 3, episode 8): If i remember the episode corectly, all she did was ask for an italian look. This look is very modern compared to her usual housewife look.



Let’s face it; Peggy is not the most fashionable character on the show so I don’t have a lot to work with but I feel like I should talk about her because she is one of the biggest characters on the show.  Don’t get me wrong, she is an excellent character and some of her outfits do stand out but I don’t have a lot to say about them and I’m not sure which episodes they came from (so don’t be too disappointed.)

In the first season of the show, Peggy was super frumpy (especially when she was pregnant). I always felt that the frumpy clothes didn’t just hide her body, they hid her spirit.

Season 2: In the second season, she came back with a new promotion and a new body. This outfit shows her new confidence.

Season 3: This may just be my favorite outfit that Peggy has ever worn. The first time that I remember seeing this outfit was in the episode where she started her relationship with Duck. I love that it is so fashionable and yet it still looks very business-y.


Season 4: The only thing that I can say about this outfit is that it is from a really great episode where Peggy and Don reconnect. Also, I liked this little video clip thing and I needed an excuse to post it. 🙂 (you have to click on it to make it play)

And now the lesser (but still fabulous) characters



Trudy is one of my favorite characters on the show and it’s not just because I love Alison Brie and her other show “Community”.

Trudy is such an amazing character because she a little stuck up, but she’s not a huge bitch and she is young, but she is trying to be the perfect housewife. In a way, she is a lot like Betty but she is younger and surprisingly, a lot more mature.

Another reason why I love her is because she is very fashionable in every aspect of her life, including when she was super pregnant…and sleeping…


I just want to start off by saying that I don’t like Jane Sterling. I just think that her style is very distinctive and different from the rest of the group of characters.

Her look is very modern (for the time) and art deco-y rather than dressing for work or running a household.

While many of the characters are still dressing like they live in the 50’s, she is streets ahead (see how I made that community reference because I talked about Alison Brie before. Yeah, I do that)

Now the men…

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit? Seriously! Barney Stinson is no match for these guys. (That’s probably not true)

Now, just because the men pretty much all wear suits and I don’t have much to talk about fashion wise doesn’t mean that I cant talk about the men themselves. Just a few thoughts:


Hi, my name is Christine and I am addicted to Donald Draper. I have my reasons: He’s ridiculously sexy, really smart, and just all around amazing.


Roger is ridiculous. He may be one of the leaders of the company but he is still that little rich boy who thinks that he is entitled to anything he wants.


I am not a fan of Pete but I feel as if I need to talk about him because he is a main character (much like Peggy so really they are kind of perfect for each other.)

Much like Roger, Pete is an immature rich boy who believes that he is entitled to everything and anything he wants.


Harry is one of my favorite characters. I find him to be adorable. He is awkward and nerdy. Oh! I do have a style note for about one of the guys. Harry always wears bowties which I think says a lot about his character. He is a little old fashion. He loves his wife and his family and he is very down to earth but he still dreams of something bigger. (you can tell because he allows himself to get really wrapped up in his job working with television executives and actors and actresses)


I have been so sad since Sal left the show. He was one of my favorite characters because he was so fantastic. His story line was so scandalous and much like Harry, he was adorable.

Bert Cooper

I just wanted to mention Bert Cooper because I think that he is awesome. Also, his style is very interesting. He is very old fashioned and stuck in his ways. He also wears some really crazy outfits. He has a tendency to wear a lot of different patterns at the same time.

Well, I hope you liked my take on the fashion on Mad Men and the comments on the characters.

If you are already a fan, I’d love to hear if you agree with my thoughts.

If you don’t watch the show, I hope that it inspired you to watch it because it really is amazing.



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