What are you wearing this Thanksgiving?

Every Thanksgiving, I have the same problem, “what should I wear?”

Since I’m not the only one with this problem, I decided that I would try to help others and possibly try to help myself.

Thanksgiving is a tricky time of year when it comes to wardrobe. It all really depends on where you are going. Some places, the game is most important so you may choose to support your team with a jersey or a tee shirt. Other places, it’s supposed to be a casual, comfortable day. Some places want you to dress up.

I’m not a big football fan so I usually try to find the middle ground between dressed up and casual.

So here I am with:



THE TOP 5 PIECES TO WEAR ON THANKSGIVING (or any fall party you may be attending)


5. Sweaters


The most basic thing on my list and it is probably the most versatile because there are a lot of different types of sweaters that you can wear (that’s why I made it plural)


-Cardigans: The perfect pullover on top of any outfit you decide to wear. You can pair it with a tee shirt and jeans or a dress. I prefer cardigans because they are nicer and more fashionable than a sweatshirt.


-Turtleneck: A classy, smooth look that most everyone can pull off. A turtleneck sweater can take a casual look and bring it more to the dressy side.










-V-neck: I love v-neck sweaters because they are great for layering. You can pair the sweater with a camisole or a basic button-up an either way you have a great look. You can even wear the sweater alone if you choose to show a little cleavage.


-Cashmere: Oh cashmere, you are so wonderfully soft and warm.  It’s hard to talk about sweaters without talking about cashmere. These sweaters come in a variety of styles and color so really, all I can say is if you have the ability to purchase a cashmere sweater be like Nike and JUST DO IT!


4. Leggings

Here’s a big shocker, I’m talking about leggings again. In case you didn’t figure it out yet, I LOVE LEGGINGS! They are so comfy and wonderful, much like cashmere.

I love them in the fall because they are a great way to wear a short skirt and still stay warm and covered. Tights are nice but they are so thin so when I can, I choose leggings.

Just don’t forget my rules: https://dressforms.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/attention-ladies-of-the-world/


3. Dresses


It’s not tough to figure out that dresses are great. A simple shift dress or a sweater dress with a belt and a pair of leggings and boots is a great look for thanksgiving and it’s not too dressy.

A dress is also a great way to go if you are attending a thanksgiving party that is more formal. A great structured dress with a pair of heels is a good formal look for fall. 

2. Scarf

I love scarves. This year, two of my best friends gave me scarves and I wear them whenever I can with whatever I can. A scarf is a great basic accessory if you are like me and you are allergic to medals. I love them because they come in a million different colors and patterns.

And the number one piece to wear this season is…


1. Boots

BOOTS ARE MY FAVORITE FALL ACCESORY! I get really excited when I hear that it has been officially announced that boot season has begun (not that they actually officially announce that but you get what I’m saying.)

There are a lot of amazing boot styles that you can pair with any outfit. Here are a few tips when choosing the boots to pair with your fall party outfit this year:

  • If you choose to wear Ugg™ bots or boots of that nature, avoid wearing them with a short skirt.
  • Motorcycle boots look better with pants or a tunic top with leggings than with a skirt.
  • If you are going to wear boots over pants, choose a skinny or straight leg jean. The lumps in the boot or the puff at the top of the boot are not attractive.


I hope this helped. I really only have one more tip for you:

Whether you are choosing to dress casual or formal, choose to be fashionable.


Here is some more information on fall accesorys: http://www.style.com/trendsshopping/accessoryreport/041210_Fall_Accessory_Report/


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One response to “What are you wearing this Thanksgiving?

  1. I’m combining a lot of those: I’m wearing a navy cable-knit sweater dress that has a high “cowl’ neck, so it almost has the look of a turtle neck or scarf, but it falls in the middle in terms of structure (scarf being loose, turtleneck being tight). I think i will wear it with tights instead of leggings this year since I got some new ones, and boots.

    It’s just my family for thanksgiving, and we like to dress up a little bit just to make things more special, but still be comfortable.

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