Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a week away. Costumes are getting scarce and you are running out of time and energy to make something. I am here to help. Sure I usually sew something (in case you didn’t get the memo, I’m awesome) but I am also really good at coming up with ideas and throwing things together. Since Halloween costumes fall in the category of fashion, I am here to help. It is easy to just be a zombie or a cat or a witch but those are boring. Here are 10 ideas for Halloween costumes that you can throw together by next weekend.

1. Doctor

Supplies needed: Scrubs, sneakers, a white lab coat (optional), any doctor accessories you can think of (also optional)

All you really need are scrubs and your point will be made. You can buy scrubs at Wal-Mart or any uniform store (basic blue or green is generally preferred and recognized). Then you can wear sneakers (because that’s what doctors wear). Now that you have a base, you can add things.

 A white lab coat might be found in a thrift store, a uniform store, or a costume store.

 Now Doctors accessories. You can find these in uniform stores or anywhere that you get medical supplies. If you want to get really creative, you can make one of those mirrored head thingies. You will need a stretchy headband, cardboard, tin-foil, and someway to attach the cardboard to the headband (hot glue or a little brad thing or a stapler. It doesn’t matter, it just has to stick.) This is super easy. Cut a circle out of the cardboard, wrap it in the foil and attach it to the headband. I told you it was easy!

Another thing that you can do with this costume is make it a mad doctor. To do this, I would add fake blood to the scrubs, put makeup under your eyes to make you look sleep deprived, mess up your hair, wear the head mirror thing and maybe have a bloody knife or ax or something totally crazy.

Tah-dah! Mad scientist/doctor.

2. Princess

Supplies needed: Old prom or bridesmaid dress, jewelry, tiara

 Another easy one: just wear the dress, jewelry and the tiara and Voila! You are a princess… or a queen if you prefer.

 Once again, you can do more with this basic costume too.

 Add a sash and you are a beauty queen.

 Add a wand and wings, and you’re a fairy godmother.

 Add blood and you are Carrie.

 Add zombie makeup and you are a zombie prom queen.

3. Lady Gaga

  Supplies needed: A dress (or a skirt and a tank top), strappy heels, pictures of meat, a stapler, and probably a printer (also a blonde wig or blonde hairspray if you need it)

 I didn’t make this one up, a friend did.

 The Lady Gaga costumes are all over the place this Halloween season and so far, this is the cheapest one I have found. Print out pictures of raw meat and staple them to a dress (or a skirt and tank top). You have to cover the whole outfit so you should note that this will probably use a ton of ink. Don’t forget to put some pictures of meat on your shoes also and a picture of meat in your hair as well.

4. Gypsy

Supplies needed: Long skirt, peasant top or a loose top, scarves, lots of bracelets and necklaces, Hoop earrings

 People have been throwing together the gypsy costume for a really long time. The fact is that it can be made using things that most people find in their closet.

 Pretty simple; skirts on bottom, peasant top on top, scarf on your head, scarves around the waist, and wear the jewelry.

 If you don’t have a peasant top (which who really has on these days) you can cut the collar off of a tee shirt that is a size too big and let it loosely hang off of your shoulders. Be sure to tuck it in.

5. SpongeBob (or SpongeBabe)

Supplies needed: A yellow tee shirt, a red tie, a brown skirt, white knee socks, black shoes

SpongeBob is a really great costume and a crowd-pleaser but the costume can get expensive. That is why I came up with this easy substitute. You wear a yellow tee shirt (if you have the one with SpongeBob’s face on it, that’s even better). Wear a brown skirt (or pants if you are a guy) and wear the red tie as a belt. If you want to get really creative, you can add a white collar to the top of the skirt. For the woman’s costume, be really cute and wear knee socks (or tube socks if you have them). Black Maryjane shoes would be really cute with this costume.

If you’re going in a couple: Make your boyfriend be Patrick with a pair of green swim trunks and a light pink tee shirt

6. Holly Golightly  

Supplies needed: Little black dress, big black sunglasses, long black gloves, black heels, a tiara or a wide brimmed black hat, a long cigarette holder

Holly Golightly is a fashion icon and one of Audrey Hepburn’s most famous characters. This is another simple costume. You wear a little black dress and all of the accessories listed above. You can wear a tiara or the big black hat, either is good and go with the costume.










Here’s wear things get a little tricky. I don’t even know where to get a long cigarette holder nowadays so I’m going to tell you how to make one.

Supplies needed: A dowel rod, black and white paint

 Cut the dowel rod to the length that you want. The character’s cigarette holder was really long. You then paint most of the rod black leaving about two inches. Paint the remaining two inches white.

I told you these were easy!

7. 80’s Pop star

Supplies needed: tee shirt, tank top, mini skirt, leggings, white socks, and flat shoes, lots of bracelets, a long necklace, a scarf or a headband

 This is what I was last year.

 The 80’s pop star costume is really easy because it’s all about layering. Start with leggings and a tank top. Add a mini skirt. Take the tee shirt and cut the collar off so that it hangs off of your shoulders. That goes on top of the tank top. Now the accessories; Lots of rubber bangles, a couple of long necklaces, white socks slouched down around your ankles, and flat shoes. You can even add some sunglasses to complete the look. 

The hair is where things get tricky because in the 80’s it was all about the hair. You can either curl it or crimp it. The most important thing is that it is big. When you are done making your hair LARGE, put a headband on over it or tie a scarf around your head and you will have a great 80’s look.

8. Pumpkin

Supplies needed: Orange tee shirt, orange or green bottoms.

Here is a cute one, be a pumpkin. This costume is traditionally worn by little kids but I changed my perspective on it after I saw the costume above. A pumpkin costume can be really cute or sexy. Here’s how you do it:

 Wear an orange tee shirt and orange or green bottoms. A really cute look is the orange shirt, orange skirt and green leggings because then your legs look like vines. You can also get that look if you wear the orange shirt with green pants.

If you want to look like a jack-o-lantern, draw a pumpkin face on the orange shirt or you can buy a shirt with the pumpkin face on it.

Brown shoes are perfect for this costume (because they look like dirt).

If you want to get really crazy, spray your hair orange or buy an orange wig.



9. Hippie

Supplies needed: Flared jeans, tee shirt or peasant top, vest (optional), ribbon or a stretchy headband, long chain necklace.

 When I was a kid and we didn’t know what to wear for Halloween, this was our go to costume because once again, its things that you can find in your closet.

 You wear jeans (flared or wide leg if you have them), a brightly colored or tie-dyed tee shirt or peasant top. You can add a long vest if you have one.

The accessories are pretty simple; a long necklace with a big charm such as a peace sign or a big flower. You can also wear a headband or ribbon across your forehead and hold a daisy or a sunflower. You can also but a few random braids in your hair.

10. Candy Corn

Supplies needed: Orange bottoms, a yellow tee shirt, a cone party hat, white paint or construction paper

 This is my favorite costume that I have ever thought of. I found a super cute candy corn costume last year that I could not afford. I didn’t think of the copy until after I had come up with my costume so I have yet to create this for myself but I will definitely make it happen one day.

 Here is what you do:

The orange tee shirt is standard.

You change the bottoms to fit whatever mood you want to set but keep them yellow.

 Wear a short skirt or shorts if you would like to look sexy. If you want to add to the sexy look you can cut up the tee shirt too. You can also add knee socks or fishnet or solid tights

 For a cuter look, wear capris/pedal pushers or a knee length skirt.

 You can wear yellow jeans or pants if you will be outside for long periods of time, for example, if you are trick or treating.

 The hat makes the point of the candy corn. You can paint it but it would be easier to wrap it with white paper.

There you have it, 10 ideas for costumes that you can throw together on the fly. Remember that you can buy plain tee-shirts at your local craft store or you can try those bags of tee-shirts that you find in the underwear aisle (but I don’t like to use those because they mostly come in white and they are thin.) You should also take advantage of your local thrift store because you never know what you can find there.

Have a Happy, Fun, Safe Halloween!!!


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