Proper Funeral Attire Part 2

I decided to post this, just in case you dont read the comments…

Angie the Funeral Director says:

“May i add, crisp clothing, unwrined posibly pressed by a dry cleaners. Also, white shirts are a great commodity to have on hand. And women, regard yourself with some dignity, if the back of the neckline of your dress is lower than the top of your shoulder blades or your skirt is tight/ less than 1/2 your thigh length, leave it at home.
While there are certainly acceptions to these rules, but remember, visitations/wakes are slightly more flexible but funerals are like church.

And as for colors, yes, muted is best. But also consider the person you are going for: if grandma loved sun flowers and the color yellow, then wear a tasteful yellow dress shirt. Or, if your aunt suffered from breast dancer, then baby pink is great!

Trends now: pinstripes and gray is the new black.

ALSO::: MEN, just because you have a striped suit DOES NOT mean you should wear striped tie and shirt. Watch your patterns. The best advice that was given to me is hang your total ensemble together on a door, walk very close to it and sort of stare thru it as you walk away from it. If your eyes don’t start to hurt you should be okay.”

Thanks Angie!


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