The History Of Polka Dots

I was recently hanging out with some friends and we were talking about Legally Blonde. We were discussing whether or not it could actually happen which lead us to her grades and the classes she took. Here is how the conversation went:

Me: It always bugs me when they are talking about her grades and her classes. They say that she got an “A” in “History of Polka Dots.” I was a fashion major and I never took classes like that. I’m afraid it makes us look stupid.

Julia: I would totally take “History of Polka Dots.”

Age: Me too

Me: *giggle* Yeah, me too.

Julia: You should study it anyway. You should blog about it!

Age: Yeah!

And here I am researching the history of polka dots. It’s amazing how much my friends can influence me.

Let’s start at the beginning:

It seems like polka dots come from Polish polka dancing. The pattern became fashionable around the same time that the type of music and dancing became popular.

In reality, the Polka Dot pattern has been around for nearly forever but they hit their peak in popularity in the mid-1900’s

The 50’s and 60’s were a really popular time for polka dots. They could be found on everything from clothing

to jewelry

to sunglasses

Some iconic polka dots were worn by Lucille Ball on I Love Lucy


And here are the Barbies incase you want to see these looks from head to toe in full color:

When I searched for Lucille Ball, Most of the images I found were of Lucille Ball costumes where she was wearing that navy polka-dotted dress

Another Iconic moment for polka dots was the song “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.”   (Remember my yellow blog? (Also, do you love that I have written enough of these that I can call back to old blogs? Because I do)

Here is the song… IN FRENCH

Here is another video by the same guy but I just had to share it with you

I’m getting off topic…

Polka dots have continued to be popular and for many people they are a signature item.

Polka dots are still just as loved now as they were in the 50’s and 60’s. You can now find the fashionable dots on clothing and accessories

And on designer items (Kate Spade uses a ton of polka dots in her designs)

And on dishes (these were also designed by Kate Spade)

So that solves the mystery of the history of Polka Dots.

Julia and Age, I hope that answered your questions.

For more information on Polka dots, check out these websites:

For information on other topics I discussed in this blog, go here:

As usual, I got almost all of my pictures from

Polka Dots: Not just for Minnie Mouse any more



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