Nobody Asked Me!

It is my favorite time of year…FALL!

Fall is a favorite for many people. The colors are flattering, the fashion is great and the boots are FANTASTIC.

However, somewhere in the process of deciding trends for fall, something went horribly, horribly wrong! I mean, whose idea was this? Who made these decisions!? (Please don’t tell me who makes the decisions. I majored in Fashion. I know the ideas come from Europe, fashion forecasters, and designers. I’ve seen trends start in Europe and finish in America with my own eyes.)

Here are some of the trends that I hate in 2010:


Oh the poncho. I don’t even know what to say about it. The last time they were popular, I was just starting high school. My aunt had given me a pink one for Christmas and I loved how easy it was to wear. I could just throw it over any solid tee shirt or tank top and I was instantly stylish… until I had to leave for school.

It was impossible to put a coat, or even worse, a backpack over. My arms would get stuck down and I often felt strangled. This is not the fashion for a thirteen year old girl and when it was over, I was happy to see it go.

This year’s poncho may be classier since they are less net-like and more cape-like… but they are still ponchos.

Here are my tips for you if you choose to wear a poncho this season:

  • Choose your poncho carefully.
  • Maybe wear it as a coat instead of trying to put a coat over it.  

Leggings as Pants

You all know how I feel about leggings as pants (If you don’t, look here

I have thought about this for a long time and I have done my research. I may be ready to “pardon” leggings but I have terms and rules. First let me explain the pardon.

I recently ripped a hole in my old leggings and had to buy a new pair. My old ones were thinner and shorter. When I went to buy new ones at Old Navy, I found lots of longer and thicker pairs. What I realized as I tried them on is that they aren’t really the same as the ones I’m used to. The leggings that I bought were essentially stretch pants (which I don’t condone, by the way)

Ok, here are my rules for leggings as pants:

  • The shirt that you wear with the leggings must cover most of your butt.
  • The leggings must be thicker which means don’t wear the kinds that are like tights.

I know that two rules don’t seem like much but they change everything.


I don’t have much to say about jeggings. They kind of freak me out. It’s like are they jeans or leggings?  They are weird.

If you must wear them, remember my leggings rules because trust me they apply here too.


Chunky Shoes

I hate chunky shoes…let me say that again… I HATE CHUNKEY SHOES!

Yes they are comfortable and easy to wear when you are in eighth grade but they are the farthest thing from fashionable. I was really hoping that they were gone for good this time but I was sadly mistaken. I am seeing them everywhere and I hate it. I don’t even have rules for them because I cant pardon them.

Please don’t wear chunky shoes! So it for me… and God… and your children… and the world.

 Here are some fall trends that are good…minus the ones that overlap with the ones that I hate…or including… make your own decisions.


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