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Since we are coming to the end of the summer, it is probably a good idea to write about all of the stuff I wanted to write about and all of the stuff that other people wanted me to write about but I never got to it or I didn’t have much to say about it. Just a heads up, It’s a really diverse group of topics.

Summer Interview Attire

This summer, I was like the queen of interviews. I went on about 17 interviews in 3 months, 8 of which were for one job that I ended up not getting (don’t even get me started on the frustration that came with that.) As I went from interview to interview in my very first suit, I discovered something: Suits are HOT. Not the good hot, I mean the hot where you start to sweat as you walk from your car to the building. The kind of hot that will make you question why you even did your hair that morning. The kind of hot that makes you want to call the deodorant company and get your money back because it doesn’t seem to be working. (I think I made my point)

The fact is no one wants to wear a suit in the middle of July so I went out on a quest to find alternatives to the suit in the summer. The fact is, there isn’t very many. I tried a pencil skirt instead of pants and a vest instead of a jacket. I thought it looked ok but I’m not sure what the interviewer thought. I didn’t get the job so maybe that says everything that I need to know about the selection.

I started to do some research but I didn’t find very many alternatives…unless you are applying for a job in the fashion industry, which luckily, I am. I will start with that.

If you are applying for a job in the fashion industry, they generally want to see your sense of style or that you know what the fashion trends are. I have come to find that a blouse with a high waist pencil skirt is often a great substitute and it is on trend (it could probably be a great substitute for a job in any other industry. However, it still may be a little casual for an interview.)  

I also feel that a shirt dress is great for an interview for a professional fashion job.

A friend of mine who spent the summer working at Michael Kors said that she was seeing a lot of simple sheath dresses around the office.

Those are my suggestions for fashion interview substitutions. Now lets look at Normal Jobs.

Like I said before, I didn’t really find much. A lot of the information I found said that you just have to grin and bear the heat in your suit. They also said that you shouldn’t remove your jacket during the interview no matter how hot you are. I only found two suggestions.

The first is wearing a skirt. A skirt offers more air to circulate (no matter how crazy that sounds). It is also not clinging to you as much as pants. The only problem I have come to find with skirts is panty hose. The proper way to wear a skirt to an interview is with pantyhose and they tend to be hotter than anything else in most wardrobes.







The second is a short-sleeved blazer or suit jacket. This is a great alternative because it’s not really an alternative at all. You are still wearing a suit but you may be a little more comfortable.


For more information on this subject, check out these sites:




Sandals were big this summer (as they are every summer). This year’s biggest sandal trends were gladiator, flat and strappy, and wedges. On top of those styles, other trends were bright colors, metallic, gems, studded, and lace up. There were so many trends, it was hard to pick one or even keep up. As much as I like to stay in style, I have issues with sandals (I want to point out that just because I have these opinions about these shoes doesn’t mean that I am insulting your choice of footwear. I choose to not wear them because I don’t like them. Please don’t take offense). Let’s start with gladiator.



I have a problem with gladiator sandals mostly because I often feel like there is too much going on. They lace up and there’s a cuff and the in crazy colors and they are studded and there’s buckles and there are heels and flats and when you step a certain way, fireworks shoot out the back. There is too much going on and they are far too complicated for me. I also believe that I could never pull them off (both literally and figuratively)




My aunt asked me to blog about wedges and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I’m really not a fan of wedges and I didn’t have very many good things to say about them. I don’t necessarily hate all wedges, it’s really only the plastic, cork and whatever that rope crap is that they insist on putting on the sides. I have seen so many shoes in my life where I have thought, “I would love those shoes if they weren’t wedges.” Sorry, Aunt Sue! I can’t help you with your search for wedges.

Let’s talk about the styles that I did like.

One kind of sandals that I did like this summer (if you don’t count flip-flops which I’m really not counting for this) were the flat strappy sandals that everyone seemed to have. This is a cute trend that I hope sticks around for many summers to come. My only regret is that I could not find a basic pair of flat black strappy sandals. None of them seemed to fit my stupid feet. Maybe next summer.

Anyway, they had lots of different styles for just about everyone. There were bedazzled ones and ones with gem stones. Metallic ones and others that were any color you wanted. These are shoes that are destined to be classic because they go with pretty much any outfit (except for your suit… (see the topic above))


Another great summer shoe trend is strappy heels (not to be confused with gladiator sandals.) When I say strappy sandals, I mean the classier version that only has a few straps. They are simple and still the sexiest shoes you’ve ever seen.

My favorite strappy sandals this year are the ones that have a little ruffle or embellishment on the front, like these by Christian Louboutin:













 Or these that I found on Google:




















When did keys become so popular? Not that I’m against them, trust me, I’m in love with the Tiffany keys. I have just been trying to figure out when they became so damn popular. I tried to Google it and figure out whose idea it was to put them a necklace but I couldn’t find anything. My friend Age used to have several skeleton keys on her key ring. I always thought that was cool. When I first saw the Tiffany keys, she offered to make me a key necklace with an old key she would get at an antique store. Of course I would treasure it if she made me one but it definitely wouldn’t be the same. I also bought and have now lost a $4 key necklace from forever 21 that I initially purchased to prove to my mother that if I had the Tiffany key necklace, I would wear it everyday. I took it off once and it has been missing ever since.

Here are a few thoughts on why I think keys are so popular:

They are mysterious: where did the key come from? What does it open?


They are status symbols: Tiffany in itself is such a status symbol so that really says it all.


Keys=Power: if you have the key, you can open the treasure, and therefore you are powerful (this isn’t rocket science people)


There were the topics I wanted to write about that but I never made it. Hopefully they will help you out throughout the rest of the heat and next summer as well.

I got my pictures from google!


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