Getting Girly

My whole life, I’ve been very tom-boy-ish (tom-boy-ie? Whatever)

I’m very big into the tee-shirt and jeans combo. I’ve never really been into jewelry (that’s mostly because I have an allergy to metals and I feel weird having rings on my fingers (don’t ask me why))

I’m sure it was shocking to all when I decided that I wanted to study fashion unless you are my mom and you know that I was obsessed with Barbies and I used to make them clothes out of old socks.

So despite all of this, I love girly clothes. I love lace, feathers, flowers and puffy sleeves. And lately, I love dresses, skirts, and ballet flats. I love it all even if I don’t wear it all. So here are the top five reasons why I love girly clothes:


5. The accents are fun 

As stated in a previous post, I love feathers. It’s hard to explain, I just get giddy when I see them…especially peacock feathers. Today I saw shoes similar to these:

and I nearly died. The added accents on clothes are enough of a reason to go girly. Who doesn’t love pearls on the collar, feathers on their shoes and sequins on their sweaters?

(The answer is communists.)

4. One necklace goes a long way

For a girl like me who doesn’t really like jewelry or having things on my hands, necklaces are the best thing for me. Another thing that you should know about me for this one is my love for simplicity. I don’t like to wear a lot of jewelry so I stick to one statement piece and that is usually the necklace.

Right now, my three favorite necklace trends are:

The Charm Necklace (especially the ones with elephants, owls, or feathers)


The Key Necklace (ah, Tiffanys)


And The Necklace with Obscure Charms (because being an individual is what really counts in life)  


All of these necklaces make a statement.

3. Headbands

I don’t have great hair. Really, it lies flat most of the time. That’s why I love headbands. If I want to pouf up my hair, a headband is great for holding the pouf in place. (It’s also great for keeping my hair out of my face which is fantastic in the summer)

A headband is also a great accessory for a job interview because its simple, it doesn’t make noise, and it’s an easy way to add a touch of girly to your boring interview suit.

My favorite headbands have bows and flowers on them.

(Scarves are good too)

2. Sometimes I don’t want to wear pants

Really, that’s enough of a reason for me to wear a dress or a skirt. Don’t you ever have those days when you don’t want to put on jeans, so you throw on a dress? Some girls think that a skirt is more of a hassle but I disagree. Throwing on a jersey dress and a pair of leggings is really like putting on pajamas.

I don’t really have anything else to say about dresses.

1. The way it makes me feel


When I wear girly clothes, I feel girly. That is such a great feeling. It is fun and flirty to dress up whether it’s in a pretty, poufy dress or a pair of high heels. It’s like playing dress-up when you were a little girl. We did that to feel like a grown up.


Now we play to feel sexy and lady-like (so really it’s the same thing.)


One girl who really knows how to dress up is Taylor Swift. In almost every one of her videos, she is wearing a big poufy prom dress.  

Check it out

PS: The look that we view as “girly” was invented by Christian Dior

for more information on him, go here:

and to look at some of his designs, go here:

(that was a great exhibit, by the way)

(My pictures were from google)




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3 responses to “Getting Girly

  1. Pinky

    Hi, are you selling the headbands?

  2. chadia

    Do you know where you can buy bows ( headbands ) like that ?

  3. Christine Perkins

    I am not selling the headbands… sorry!

    Most stores sell them. Macys, Forever 21 (i think), etc.
    I bought supplies from Joann fabrics and made my own

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