Our First Lady

(I didn’t have internet where I was for the fourth of July so I’m posting this a little late)

I wanted to write about something for the fourth of July so I thought about a couple of topic ideas: Patriotic clothing? Red, White, and Blue? History of Fashion: George Washington’s Pants?


That’s when it hit me, Michelle Obama. She is the Jackie O. of our time. She has set trends and appeared on the cover of Vogue, Glamour, and many other magazines.

Michelle Obama is someone who is confident enough to wear whatever she wants.


Her first official portrait as the First Lady was controversial. She decided to wear a sleeveless little black dress  instead of the usual suit or blouse/skirt combo. Many people thought that it wasn’t formal enough. In my eyes, it was her choosing fashion and personal style over the norm. That’s something I can respect.  

That wasn’t the only controversy. Remember the shorts incident? The Obamas took a trip to the Grand Canyon and she was photographed wearing shorts and a tank top. People were shocked! No other first lady had ever been seen that way. While the rest of the world freaked out, I was smiling. To me, they weren’t just shorts, they were a statement. Those shorts said “I am a normal person.”

Now lets look at a few more of my favorite Michelle Obama Looks

The Inauguration Dress

Designed by Isabelle Toledo

It wasnt quite a suit or a dress which says so much about her personal style. When you add in the “out-of-the-box” color choice and metallic threads running through it, you have something fantastic.

When She Met Queen Elizabeth

This outfit is youthful and fashionable and she pulls it off perfectly. The sweater set and full skirt not what you expect to see on the First Lady. It’s an outfit I would love to duplicate in my own wardrobe.

If you want to read more about Michelle Obama’s Style, here are some links:


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