Took a trip to the zoo today…

And I was inspired by the birds.

First of all, the peacocks roam free at the zoo and they are gorgeous.

They are really my favorite kind of feathers.

Some Peacock Feather Fashion:

Of course, it’s not just peacock feathers that are in fashion. Feathers have always been a part of fashion. They have always been a sign of high-class and status. People wore them in their hats, on masks, and on their clothing to show their status in society.

Now, Feathers are still used as accessories and to embellish clothing. They are still seen as a sign of higher status. Up until recently, they have mostly been used in couture fashion.

Feathers are coming back into everyday style more and more each day. They were seen in many of the Spring 2010 Ready To Wear fashion shows.

More information about the history of feathers in fashion can be found here:

As great as the feathers are, the colors of the birds are also in fashion. Check out these great colors:

Flamingo Pink

Bright Blues and Yellow

(you can’t see it but his belly is yellow)

There of course were way more birds with way more colors but you get the point.

My tip of the day: Tropical birds are brightly colored for a reason. Heat comes with color so add some color to your wardrobe this summer and brighten up the world!



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2 responses to “Took a trip to the zoo today…

  1. sue

    Love these tips! And the photos are great too!

  2. Lizzie

    LOVE this one ! Love the pictures ! Makes me want to buy something peacocky ! Lol AND go to the ZOO !

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